Frequently Asked Questions


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Cartier Women's Initiative Awards,
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About the Application Procedure

Can I send my application by mail?

You cannot send your application by mail. Only online applications submitted through the website and received in the official format are accepted.

Can I send you my business plan instead?

Only online applications submitted through the website and received in the official format are accepted.

Will I receive a confirmation that my application has reached you?

No, you will not receive an email confirmation stating that the application has reached us. However, you will receive a confirmation that the information entered in your form has been saved. This confirmation will appear once you have validated the preview and clicked on SAVE.
Should an error report appear during your submission, we suggest that you write to us directly to inquire. Your queries will be answered within two days.

I started completing the form but my web-page expired. What can I do?

Once you have identified yourself using your email and password, your session is active for 23 days. If a problem occurs within this timeframe, it may be caused by your navigator or your internet connection. It is important that your navigator accepts cookies. To avoid the expiration of your form, we recommend that you read the application questions carefully before registering. Prepare and save the answers on a separate document so as to copy them into the form upon registration. Click here to see the questions of the application form.

I have trouble uploading files and attachments to my form. What can I do?

To upload heavy files in the Attachments section, you must submit them one by one or reduce the definition of the attachments. Your attachments should not exceed the total weight of 3MB. Attachments sent to us by email are not accepted.

Can I send you samples of my product?

We do not accept product samples at the initial application phase. You may include photos in your form. If you are selected as a finalist, you will have the opportunity to present your products to the Jury.

Can I submit my application in any other language than English?

English is the only language accepted as it is the international language of business. Our juries and our coaches are English-speakers. To take full advantage of the resources we have to offer, you must have a good command of both verbal and written English. However, you do not need to be perfectly fluent!

In the form, "all fields are mandatory" but some do not apply to my company. What can I do?

If a question does not apply to your business, write "NA" for Not Applicable and explain why

I have submitted my project but would like to add new information. How?

You may edit you application until the deadline. After the deadline, we accept new information and updates by email only if they have a direct impact on the eligibility of your business for the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards, or if they concern your personal information (email, address, tel) and those of your team members. Other changes will not be taken into account if the submission deadline has already passed.

I have two projects. Can I submit both?

Candidates may submit only one project to the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards.

About the Eligibility Criteria

What is meant by initial phase?

"Initial phase" means between two and three years of operations. This criterion will be assessed by the jury according to the level of advancement of your project as described in your application form.

I am not the sole founder of my company and have a business partner: can I apply?

We accept business projects that are the result of team work. However, the submitted project can be represented by a woman only. She must be the lead entrant and the project leader holding the main leadership position and owning a significant share of the company. The project leader will represent the team during the activities organized by the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards, in particular at the Awards ceremony. Two co-founders may represent a project, provided that they are both women.

My project is an entrepreneurial initiative undertaken within a corporation. Am I eligible?

No, we accept only independent businesses which are developed solely by the entrants applying to the Awards, without funding from an established corporation or by a similar women's initiative program.

I want to set up a subsidiary for an existing company. Am I eligible?

No, your project must be an original business creation, wholly conceived of by the team; a completely new concept, meaning it cannot be a buy-back, off-shoot, or a subsidiary of an existing concept.

I have no team members at this point. Can I apply?

Yes, you may apply for the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards as an individual. In the application form, fill in only the part on the lead entrant.

I am a woman but my business partner or team members are men. Can I apply?

Yes, you may apply as long as you hold the main leadership position, either in the capacity of Founder, Director, General Manager, or Project leader. You must be the main shareholder, CEO, or Chairman.

With reference to the rule 2.3.4 "Must not have an existing business sponsor or other funding for business project", is my business eligible if I have a bankloan?

We do not accept projects that are already sponsored by another corporation in the framework of a similar philanthropy project. We accept projects that are funded by friends, family, banks (if regular loans), private equity investors, venture capitalists, business angels. If you have received funding from an Award/Foundation please specify, as this information might be requested later on. Additionally, make sure to clearly detail all funding sources in the questions on the Financials.

Other Questions

My project was not selected. Why?

We do not disclose the motivations behind the selection of a project. The decision of the Jury is considered definitive and irrevocable. In some rare cases, upon request from our Juries, we may provide feedback to specific candidates.

How many candidates have applied this year?

In 2016, we received over 1900 projects from more than 120 countries.